The Story

Hey, thanks for popping in! Every great tale has a killer background story, and we're excited to give you ours. Without further ado, let's venture deep into the Bush! Big Bush is a Canadian community-based outdoor gear company. What does that mean? Well, to us it means growing an outdoor brand while constantly receiving feedback from our day one supporters. Two entrepreneurs by the name of Andre the Lapierre and Clifton the Skelliter (adding "the" just makes us sound fancier) joined forces in 2020 to start growing this bush in the wild. Andre a successful HR/Software CEO and Cliff a successful Branding Agency CEO believed they could unite their talents and ambition to create gear that would be effective and fun for the outdoor community. Thus Big Bush was formed! Big Bush is about form and function. We don't want to just build this on an island in self isolation, we truly aim to build this with a community of people who share our same beliefs and vision for the outdoors. These people range from extremely skilled bushcrafters to "what the eff is a bush" types. Andre and Cliff have similar personalities in relation to the audience. We do have a mission bigger than selling products though. Here it is, you ready for this? It's scary to even say this out loud... WE PLAN ON USING THIS BRAND TO HELP FEED AND SHELTER 1 MILLION PEOPLE. How are we going to do this? Well, if you want to know, you're just going to have to stay tuned to find out.

Andrew Lapierre

His social media describes him as an adventurer, a seeker, and a bush-lover. There is so much more to the man though. He is also a successful entrepreneur, a proud father of four, and a grateful husband that managed to land a woman way out of his league. Andre fell in love with the bush long before he knew what a city was. He is constantly connecting with the incredible people in the bushcraft community, learning, and sharing every piece of knowledge and experience.

Cliff Skelliter

On the other side of the bushcraft equation is the lifelong class clown and proud storyteller. Shockingly there is more to him as well. He is also a successful entrepreneur and grateful plant owner. He grow up between the city and a small northern town. His bushcraft skills are pretty horrible but his desire to learn more is why he is so excited about this brand. His day job is that of a brand strategist and has helped many small to large business find their voice and reach their potential.