What the Heck is Big Bush? 

March 28, 2021

Imagine. It's the middle of the night, and you're sleeping soundly. 


Suddenly, you feel an urge, unlike anything you ever felt before. This intense feeling overtakes you, and you shoot up from your dead sleep. Your forehead is slick with sweat and a newfound purpose. In the background, there's a thumping sound, and you realize it's your heart racing, but you can hardly contain your excitement. The abrupt urge to sell all your belongings, pack a bag, and live off the land is within you. You crave it. 


You want to cook off a rock, throw an axe, hunt, fish, even wrestle a BEAR! On second thought, you backtrack and say no - I don't want to wrestle a bear. But what you do know for sure is you want to learn to live in the bush (the big bush, that is) and learn how to be a Bushcrafter


And that Lassies and Bushmen is how we're going to introduce ourselves and our company, Big Bush, to you

What the Heck is Big Bush? 

Big Bush is a Canadian community-based outdoor gear company dedicated to providing products that focus on people interested in acquiring a skill set in bushcraft. The Big Bush team consists of us two, and by us, we mean Andre Lapierre and Cliff Skelliter! To learn more about our duo, you can read our STORY PAGE

What is Bushcraft? 

Its name originated from Australia to describe the skills people used in the bush country, but nowadays, the term's popularization is applied to outdoor experts worldwide! 


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, bushcraft is defined as:

 “Skills in matters pertaining to life in the bush.” 


But What Does That Mean?  


To us, bushcraft refers to a constant pursuit of knowledge and experiences using wilderness survival skills. So no, it's not about wrestling bears with your *bear hands (haha, bad joke). 


It involves a deep understanding and expertise of the great outdoors and is concentrated on helping individuals acquire skills to let them SURVIVE and THRIVE in the wild. Is that not impressive or what?! 


But What Are Wilderness Skills? 


Wilderness skills are the aptitude a person has in different areas of wilderness survival. This includes knowledge in...


  • Firecraft
  • Shelter Building  
  • Tracking 
  • Hunting 
  • Fishing 
  • Foraging 
  • Navigation by Natural Means 
  • Tools for Different Purposes (ex. knives, axes) 
  • Water Sourcing 
  • Wood Carving 
  • Container Construction from Natural Materials 



What Does Big Bush Do? 

Big Bush provides awesome accessories to advance the knowledge people need to survive better! 


You never know when you’re going to need to build a fire or have to make a shelter to survive the night. Either way, we provide the tools of the trade to help you use your most incredible tool of all… your mind.  


What The Heck Is Big Bush?


We started Big Bush in 2020 because we realized we wanted to create a modern thinking company that could reach both new and experienced bushcrafters. Even in the wild, the connection we form with others is absolutely essential to ensure we pass down valuable knowledge that can help each other hone and develop the art of bushcraft. 


There's gotta be a community where these ideas can be shared, so that’s why we’re here. Big Bush wants to combine classic mastery with new views to create a platform that brings cool products to life and advises those wishing to increase their learning in this dynamic discipline.  


Our Goal? Like any small business, we hope to build our community over time, and in the process, expand our inventory to provide valuable tools that are necessary to help our members thrive in the wild. By working together, we can help each other grow and expand the level of skills we acquire.  

Join Our Community!  

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Join our community and discover fantastic products and news by a northern company. Together let’s make Big Bush BIG! If we get to 3000 followers, Cliff and Andre will wrestle a bear! 



Andre: "Why do you keep mentioning we will wrestle a bear?" 

Cliff: "I thought it would make us sound more professional." 

Andre: "I'm not wrestling a bear Cliff."

Cliff: "I'll just put you down as tbd."